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As can be seen, by this name, environmental management service does not refer to the management of the environment, but rather the management of the modern human society’s environment and the impact it has on it. The three main issues affecting managers are politics (networking), programs (projects) and resources (wealth, features, etc.).

The need for environmental management can be seen from many perspectives. A common consideration and inspiration behind environmental management is the concept of carrier capability. Simply put, the carrying capacity refers to the ability to hold the maximum number of organisms within a particular ecosystem. Although many cultures had historically understood the concept of carrying capacity, its origin was in Malthusian theory. Therefore, the meaning of environmental management is not only for the sake of the environment but also for the protection of the environment for the sake of all human beings. [Fact desired] This element of appropriate exploitation, i.e. the best use of natural resources, Can be seen in.


Components of environmental management

Environmental management consists of all components of the biophysical environment, living (biological) and dead (abiotic) both. The reason is that interrelationship relations between all living species and their habitat are interconnected. The environment also includes interrelationships of the human environment, such as the relationship with the biophysical environment of a social, cultural and economic environment.

Systems of Environment Management Service

Like all management tasks, this also requires effective management, standards, and systems. Standards of environmental management or systems or protocols, aim to reduce the environmental impact measured by any appropriate criteria. The ISO 14001 standard is the most commonly used standard for environmental risk management and is closely linked to the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). As a general auditing standard, the ISO 19011 standard has been told to add it to quality management.

Other environmental management systems (EMS) are based on the ISO 14001 standard and many systems extend it in various ways:

The Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard is a five-level EMS that is designed according to the small organizations for which ISO 14001 can prove to be extremely difficult, or for those large organizations, which makes ISO 14001 easier in step-by-step ways. Want to apply.

BS 8555 is a phased standard that can help smaller companies reach ISO 14001 in six phases.

The natural phase focuses on the basic carrying capacity norms and helps to reduce the use of inappropriate materials and energy by long-term engineering.

Natural capitalism advises improving accounting processes and using normal bio-mimicry and industrial ecological approaches to do this work.

The American Environmental Protection Agency has many other words and standards, which it defines in terms of large size EMS.

The United Nations and World Bank encourage the use of a new structure to measure and manage “Natural Capital”.

European Union Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

There are also some other strategies that depend on the simple methods of distinguishing rather than developing top-down management “systems” that use performance audits and full cost accounting. For example, ecological intelligent design divides products into such consumable, service products or durable or non-toxic products that should not be purchased by anyone, or at times, customers do not realize that They are buying them. Better environmental management is achieved without using any “system” by keeping such unavoidable products out of the market.

Recent successes have given rise to the notion of “unified management”. A broad approach is used in this and the importance of interdisciplinary evaluation is reduced. This is an interesting notion but not favorable everywhere.

“Today’s businesses are required to comply with several federal, state and local environmental laws, rules and regulations, it is very essential to protect your company against the tendency to avoid compliance, this approach will give you the importance of your environmental responsibilities Apart from fleeing the rules of the jail can also be entitled to penalties.


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